Hi, I'm Diogo Fraga an SEO Specialist Based in Lisbon, Portugal.

I help businesses increase their website's organic traffic

Drive more business to your website with SEO, web dev, and content marketing strategies.
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Some of the Magical Services I can help you with.

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Search Engine Optimization

Make sure your website is properly optimized to be discovered, indexed, and ranked highly on Google!

Content Marketing

Content Creation is one of the best investments a business can make, make sure you are doing it right. Let's up your content game to the next level!

Web Development

Creating websites can be overwhelming, there are so many options... with our 4 step formula you will be set up for success, we analyze what's already working and help you stand out!

Why Is SEO Important?

You can increase your website's organic traffic
SEO allows you to rank for thousands of keywords in search engines like google, this can increase your website traffic to incredible proportions. 
Move ahead of your competitors
By dominating the search engine's results pages you are effectively taking that real estate away from your competitors, therefore, moving ahead of them.
Improve your Marketing ROI
SEO can lower the cost of acquisition of customers by 87.41 % when compared to PPC.
Increase your Revenue.
60% of marketers state that their highest quality leads come from SEO-engaged customers.
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Who Is Diogo Fraga?

Diogo Fraga is a Digital Marketer specializing in SEO. 
With a creative spirit at heart, he aims to use his marketing knowledge to help promote amazing companies and people.

Super passionate about sports and wellbeing. Also, loves anything related to cameras, and does some modeling in his spare time.

His motto is to keep things simple, perfect the foundations, and not get too caught up in overcomplication.
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Diogo is an absolute pleasure to work with.

He always shows up to get things done to the highest of his ability and goes above & beyond to deliver results for his clients.

If you're looking for someone that is extremely easy to work with as well as a killer SEO specialist, then Diogo Fraga is your guy!
-Eric Wilczewski, Email Marketing Manager at CoinSmart
blake mitchell seo consultant
Diogo is a talented SEO specialist who knows how to problem solve and generate unique organic traffic strategies that deliver results. It was a pleasure to work with Diogo and he is a great addition to any team.

Excellent technical and content strategy, Diogo Fraga knows how to rank client sites plain and simple.
-Blake Mitchell, SEO Consultant at Rank Simply
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