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Diogo Fraga

Diogo Fraga's Services

My main Services are SEO and Content Marketing Consulting.
I help you increase your search engine rankings and provide the guidance you need to stand out in the crowded space of online content.

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Diogo Fraga's Process

Here is a quick summary of what you can expect when you hire me to help you with your SEO and content marketing efforts.

  • 1. Website Quality Audit

    A intial in-depth audit to evaluate your current situation and major technical issues.

  • 2. Content Strategy Plan

    Actionable step by step plan to skyrocket your organic traffic, and achieve your goals.

  • 3. Implementation Help

    On-going support on implementing your content marketing and SEO efforts.

  • 4. Results Analysis

    Transperent reporting on the results you got from the campaign and how to proceed.

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Who is Diogo Fraga?

I don't like labels, but you can call me an SEO Nerd

After working with content creation for a few years and taking on a specialized course in Digital Marketing Strategy with the top marketers in Portugal, I knew that SEO was the right choice. So I dived right into agency life, spent thousand in education and masterminds, and learned everything I could night and day.

Today, after having worked with incredible companies from all over the world, I have leaped into consulting and developed my own content creation formula that gets clients incredible results. I am super excited to share it with you!

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Next Level Resources

With my Resources section, I'll teach you everything you need to know about SEO and content marketing, from keyword research to creating engaging content. With my guidance, you'll boost your traffic and sales in no time!